Bad effect of easy access to Internet and pronography.

Bad effect of easy access to Internet and pronography.


Easy access to Internet on laptops and mobile phones has increased the number of youngsters and children watching pornography. 

a.) What do you think can be the ill effects of this on the society as a whole?

b.) What can be done to minimize this hazard?

Laptops and mobile phones are ubiquitous in the modern world. From adults to children, there are hardly a few people who do not have access to these gadgets. With a plethora of telecom companies as well as firms providing internet services at affordable cost, a larger audience accesses the World Wide Web nowadays. With the proliferation of mobile phones and a larger number of youngsters having access to them, it is no surprise that access to pornography is no longer limited to some.

While watching porn initially is more to do with inquisitiveness, it can translate into a habit over the long term. Porn can result in demeaning and objectifying women. This can set a very harmful precedent to the society which is already reeling under myriad issues. Since most porn videos show women as an object of just pleasure, the respect and dignity that one has for women can fast fade. The period of youth is a time of hard work and building a life for oneself. However, the means to images as well as videos makes them addicted to lustful desires and forget their priorities.

There have been increasing studies indicating the possible impact of pornography on the rise in the number of rape cases. A larger number of youth related incidents are coming to the fore with respect to rapes. Since a larger number of youngsters have access to mobile phones and internet, pornography may be attributed as a possible reason for them indulging in heinous activities.

Also, watching pornography can result in arousal of desire to be with multiple partners and experiencing different sexual fantasies. This not only results in infidelity but also results in increasing number of AIDS cases around the world which is a fatal disease. While women have been the central focus of such clips, an increasing number of videos demonstrating men as commodities for deriving pleasure have also become rife.

In a society which has numerous complexities to deal with along with a rapidly changing culture, the impact of pornography on youth can be disastrous. Hence, parents as well as institutions will have to play a key role in reducing its influence in the coming times. Children below specific age should not be allowed to have mobile phones whereas tab should be kept on the websites being accessed by them on their laptop.

Educating them at institution level as well as at home on sex and various aspects related to it can go a long way in reducing possible effects of pornography on children and youth.

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