Competition is essential for success.

Competition is essential for success.


Although people today are beginning to think of competition negatively, I still believe that competition is essential for success. Without competition the internal strive to advance ones self would diminish until eventually everyone would be content with mediocrity. Whether competition is within ones self or between larger groups, it is important to maintain a little friendly competition to try to better yourself and possibly others as well.

From a young age, school and grades are the first time people are exposed to competition. Whether separating people in to honors and on-level classes, to only giving A’s to the best students, students begin to create internal competition in order to try to advance themselves in the academic world. As school continues, one of the largest competitions we begin to see is the competition for scholarships and acceptance into universities. Although people cannot see who their direct competition is, they know that only the best with regards to grades and extracurricular activities are awarded these prestigious opportunities. Thus, people aim to take the hardest classes, receive the best grades, and do the most they can possibly do in order to make sure they are granted what they want in terms of school location and financial grants. This example of internal competition is one of the first opportunities people are exposed to that forces them to try to improve themselves against others.

Although school is a huge outlet of competition, another realm of competition is outside the classroom. Personally, one of my greatest struggles outside of school was with my sport. As a gymnast I strived to be on the top podium at every competition. If I left a meet not in first place, they next time I went into the gym, I pushed myself harder than ever in hopes of improving my scores and placement in the next meet. Sports are a huge area of competition, but by separating the winners from the losers, the losers are given a reason the try harder the next opportunity they are given. By eliminating medals, places, and points, the strive to better ones self in a sports setting is diminished, until people are perfectly content with failure.

On a larger scale is the competition between businesses and nations. Although the competition between companies may seem selfish, the fact is that in doing so they are helping the consumers by creating better products. Via competition, some of the greatest inventions or advancements in technology were made. Yes, it might be because of money that people created such things, but society ends up benefiting the most. Also, nations compete to be the world leaders in the field of technology while benefiting their citizens.

Competition is not a bad thing, but instead is essential in making people strive to be and do better. Sometimes people need competition in order to improve themselves. We all need some sort motivation to better ourselves, whether it means getting into a better school, receiving the gold metal you have been waiting for, or creating the newest piece of technology, so why not let that motivation be competition? For a personal example that we can all relate to, think how hard you would have tried to get into this university if you knew grades and extracurriculars had no bearing. Would you have cared as much about school as you did?

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