Digitization and its benefits

Digitization and its benefits


 Digitization has made human life much easier. What exactly this digitization is….??. Let us take a simple example of paying your monthly light bill. Before digitization took over, we used to stand in a long row for hours to pay the bill. But when digitization took over, you can simply pay your bills by sitting in your home online. You no longer need to stand in the row and waste your time. Another example, lets say you want to see a movie in the theater, and its a block buster. So, obviously, there will be a huge crowd over there and if you get late, you won’t get the ticket and your plan will be cancelled. But now, you can reserve your ticket before going to the theater. You can book it online by using the applications like “Book my show”.

So, digitization is beneficial in terms of saving your time, efforts and fuel which means it saves your money. Now a days there are certain mobile applications that can be linked to your house hold electrical appliances and even if you forget something to turn off while leaving your home, you can do that without coming back to home. This saves your money, time and over head  of coming to home, turning the appliances of and then leaving These are just a few examples, digitization has impacted almost all the aspects of human life in a positive way. Digitization has made human life faster, easier and efficient.

It is one of the biggest and most important revolutions of human life. In not just the IT field, there are almost all the fields digitization has impacted as a source f getting the work done quickly and efficiently with least need of human interaction. That is all

Digitization has a great impact in our country. It has made our life more easier. Let’s take an example of digitization,  before digitization took over we used to visit bank for sending money from one account to another account. After digitization took over, we don’t need to visit bank for any transaction we can do it through net banking and mobile application. So, it’s helping us to save our time, effort and money.

Digitization is really helping our daily life. After digitization we are becoming familiar with the new technology. It’s not only helping us with our daily life also it’s helping to learn different technology and software platform also.

Digitisation is also one of the technology. Nowadays it plays a major role. It makes convenient to the peoples. Educated people feel comfortable about this. But uneducated people feel difficult to operate. For example: 1. In past days we used to go to the bank and transfer money. But nowadays it is very easy to transfer through net banking, Mobile banking etc..,

2. Peoples are going to the TNEB office to pay electricity bill. But nowadays it is very easy to pay bill in online mode.

Through this facility people saves money, time etc.., Let us conclude by saying that doing ” Smart work is better than Hardwork ”

Digitization stands for the method where the use has not to put more efforts for working and the work is done by electronic gadgets.

The digitization has put the era into a new stair of success, but it has some disadvantages too.

One side it made the life simple and convenient while on the other hand many people lost their jobs by the introduction of these types of services.

Digitization, the word itself means everything is being automated.There is no requirement of man power, everything is being digitized. India is a bit late to be a digitized country, many countries like USA, japan, China have been digitized countries too early than India.

By the time we wake and return to sleep everything is digitized. People started working at homes, paying bills from home, booking tickets from home. People got addicted to mobile phones they stopped interacting with people, friends  and family. There is no requirement of man power so people are lacking jobs. In one way it may be a advantage but it has many disadvantages too.

The digitization process involves reading of an analog signal at periodic intervals which is known as sampling. It is also possible to convert these series of integers back into the original analog signal. The quality of digitization will vary depending on the type of sampling rates etc. Old libraries that have multitudes of manuscripts and books that have accumulated over the ages are now being scanned and digitized all around the world. Now digital libraries are fast replacing the conventional libraries.

The advantages of digitization are many, such as:

  • No physical limits for storage
  • Can be accessed via the Internet
  • 24/7 availability of access
  • Great saving of space (example ? library)
  • Preservation of old texts/ manuscripts
  • Easy retrieval of information using keywords
  • Integrated online resource sharing
  • It is cheaper to maintain digital library than book library
  • Linking and networking possibilities
  • Any number of times digital files can be duplicated with exactness.
  • Many can access a digital file at the same time
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