Violence on TV has a direct impact on our children’s behavior.

Violence on TV has a direct impact on our children’s behavior.

Now a days there are a lot of violent programmes and movies that are being broadcasted on television everyday. Most of the children are following such programmes and movies and are addictive to it. There is a craze of these violent stuff among children. These kind of stuffs have a huge impact on the behavior of children.  Children adapt violence in their lifestyle and become more aggressive. Violence becomes a feature of their nature. It is found that they are more irritated and rude to others. They tend to follow these violent activities and risk their health as well. Violence on TV is one of the major cause of aggressiveness and rudeness in the nature of children these days.


·         Children may become familiar to violent activities and fear of violence evacuates from the mind of children. They are no longer afraid of violence and they accept violence as a part of life.

·         Violence is displayed in a manner which attracts children towards it and they try to imitate these acts and risk their health.

·         Children adapt violence in their lifestyle and try to found out solution of problems through violence. They become more aggressive and rude.

·         Violence on TV also distracts the mindset of children and provoke them to do various such activities which are not good for them and as well as for the society.



·         Parents should keep a watch on their children and their TV habits. They should not allow their child to watch a lot of these programmes.

·         Parents should point out that these violent activities can cause danger to life and it is harmful to imitate them.

·         Apply restrictions over the children not to watch such kind of programmes and movies.

·         Regular counseling could be done by parents as well as teachers. Schools could also help in these kind counseling.

·       Children should always be warn and informed about the harmul effects of violence.

So to conclude, it could be said that violent programmes affect children’s behavior. Parents have a huge role to play here to avoid such conditions. this matter needs to be observed and preventive measures should be taken.

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