Essay on Hostel Life

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Essay on Hostel Life


Hostel life is challenging yet exciting. It offers numerous advantages but also comes with its set of disadvantages. One can clearly tell the difference between a student who lives in a hostel and one who lives with parents and goes to a regular school. Those who get the opportunity to stay in a hostel are likely to become bolder and more confident. However, they may also incur certain negative traits. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life.

Advantages of Hostel Life

Let us first look at the advantages of hostel life:

Teaches Independence

Hostel life teaches students to become more independent. They learn to take charge of their life by taking decisions solely in different situations.

Boosts Confidence

Students are faced with different situations and meet all types of people while living in the hostel. Dealing with different situations and people over the years boosts their confidence.

Makes Bolder

Students living in the hostel also tend to get bolder compared to those who live with their parents and attend regular school. They are better prepared to tackle various challenges in life.

Instils Discipline

Hostels have certain set of rules that need to be followed at all times. The students are expected to wake up, take bath, reach their college and sleep at the same time each day. Students who do not follow the rules are punished severely so they do not repeat the mistake. This instils discipline in them.

Introduces to Various Cultures

Students from various cultural backgrounds come to stay in the hostels. Living with each other day in and day out, the students learn about their culture and traditions.

Builds Long Lasting Friendships

Staying away from the family, hostel buddies are there to take care of each other. They develop an emotional connect with one another over the time. Hostel is the place where people make long lasting friendships and memories to cherish forever.

Teaches New Skills

Hostel students need to do all their tasks on their own. They learn several new skills such as washing clothes, ironing them, cleaning their room, keeping their books tidy, purchasing stuff on budget and even cooking.

Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Here is a look at the disadvantages of hostel life:

Introverts May Face Difficulty

Introverts may have a difficult time interacting with their hostel mates and making new friends. They are often left out and cry their heart out when alone as they miss their family badly.

Living Far From Family

Living far from the family is difficult for everyone. Many students get extremely emotional at times as they are reminded of the good times spent with their family. It is particularly difficult for the students to return to hostel after the vacations.

Difficulty Adjusting in Family Atmosphere

While initially the students get emotional at the thought of staying away from their family, living in the hostel for a few years often makes it difficult for them to adjust in the family atmosphere. They grow so accustomed to taking their own decisions and living their way that they do not like any suggestions from their parents and want to live independently.

Quality of Food

The quality of food in hostels is not very good. Besides, there is no choice. Students need to eat what they get whether they like it or not.

No one to Take Care

Falling sick is the worst part. While the hostel buddies try to take care of each other however they cannot take care like the parents. Thus, recovering from illness often takes a lot of time.


Hostel life offers both advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the student on how he/ she deals with it and what he imbibes from his stay in the hostel.


Education is the most important factor which plays a great role in the development of an individual as well as a country. Now a day, it has become a vital factor for the future brightness of the new generations of any society. Education has been made compulsory by the government for all the children of age 5 to 15. Education influences lives of everyone in positive ways and teaches us to tackle any big or small problems in life. Even after a big awareness in the society towards the necessity of education for everyone, the percentage of education is still not same in different areas of the country.

People living in the backwards areas are not getting proper benefits of good educational as they lack money and other resources. However, some new and effective strategies has been planned and implemented by the government to resolve the problems in such areas. Education improves the mental status and change the way of thinking of a person. It brings confidence and helps to convert the thinking into the action to go ahead and get success and experience.

Without education life becomes aimless and tough. So we should understand the importance of the education and its involvement in our daily lives. We should encourage the education in the backward areas by letting them know the benefits of education. Disabled people and poor people are equally required and have equal rights to get educated like rich and common people to get global development. Each of us should try our best to get educated at higher level as well as make the good education accessible for everyone globally particularly the poor and disabled people.

Some people are completely uneducated and living very painful life because of the lack of knowledge and skill. Some people are educated but do not have enough skill to earn money for their daily routine just because of the lack of proper education system in the backwards areas. Thus we should try to have equal opportunities of good education system for everyone whether living in rich or poor regions. A country cannot grow and develop without the individual growth and development of its citizens. Thus the development of any country depends hugely on the education standard available to its citizens. A good education system must have common goals in every areas of country to provide a suitable and proper learning to its citizens.

Girl Education

Women education is essential for the appropriate social and economic development of the country. Both men and women run parallel like two wheels in every society. Hence, both are significant components of growth and development in the country. Thus, both require equal opportunity when it comes to education.

Advantages of Women Education in India

Girl education in India is required for the future of the country as women are the primary teachers of their kids who are the future of the nation. Uneducated women cannot dynamically contribute in managing the family and take proper care of the children and thus result in a weak future generation. There are numerous advantages of girl education. Some of the top ones are mentioned as under:

Educated women are more able to influence their future.

Educated women are able to reduce poverty by working and being economically strong.

Educated women have Low risk of child mortality.

Educated women are 50% more likely to have their child immunized.

Educated women are less likely to be taken advantage of and less likely to contact HIV/AIDS.

Educated women are less likely to become victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

Educated women reduce corruption and change the conditions that lead to terrorism.

Educated women are better operational to contribute to the family earnings.

Educated women are healthier and tend to have greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

Educated women help contribute and prosper their community.

Women who are educated see the potential and need to promote education in others.

Educated women can, without doubt, handle her family more efficiently. She can make each family associate accountable by imparting good qualities in children. She can take part in the social workings and this can be a great contribution towards the socioeconomic healthy nation.

By educating a man, only a part of the nation would be educated however by educating a woman, the whole country can be educated. Lack of women education weakens the potent part of the society. So, women should have full rights for the education and should not be treated inferior to men.


India is now a leading country on the basis of women education. Indian History is not devoid of talented women. It is full of women philosophers like Gargi, Viswabara and Maitreya. Other renowned women include Mirabai, Durgabati, Ahalyabi and Laxmibai. All the legendary and historical women in India are an inspiration and motivation for today’s women. We can never overlook their contributions to the society and country.

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