Importance of Adult Education

Essay on Importance of Adult Education


The importance of education is known by all. An educated person possesses knowledge about various subjects and is worldly wise. He is more confident and better equipped to take decisions on various matters. He is an asset to the society. Adult education must be encouraged as many people are deprived of the right to education during their childhood owing to various reasons. Adult education programs allow them to seek education during adulthood.

Importance of Adults Education

Adult Education: Essential in a Democratic Set-up

In democratic nations such as India, the adults are given the right to vote irrespective of their educational qualification and on their own discretion to choose between right and wrong. An illiterate person can never understand the nitty-gritty of the political system. He has no knowledge about his rights and the duties of the leaders chosen by him.

What use is it to give the power to choose the leaders in the hands of people who have no knowledge about the how’s, what’s and when’s of the political system? One of the main purposes of the adult education is to increase the literacy rate of the country so that its citizens are equipped to take better decision when it comes to choosing the government.

Adult education must be given special importance in a democratic set up so that people can exercise their right to vote wisely.

Development of the Nation

Adult education also plays an important role in the development of the nation. A nation with greater number of educated people certainly stands a better chance to develop and prosper. Well-educated people enter various professional fields and work hard to acquire the skills required to handle their positions efficiently.

They develop the zeal to learn and grow. As they grow professionally so does their organization and eventually the nation as a whole. It goes without saying that if we have greater number of educated and skilled professionals in our country then it will grow and develop at a greater speed.

Ways to Implement Adult Education

Here are some of the ways to implement adult education:

The government must set up adult education schools in every nook and corner of the country.

The teachers and the management of the schools set up in the remote areas must take initiative to contact the adults living there and encourage them to make the most of the adult education programs.

Road side skits should be performed to emphasize the importance of adult education.

The government must promote adult education by way of radio, television and other mediums.

Those enrolled at the adult education schools must encourage those around them to join these schools and seek education.


Adult education is of utmost importance. While the government of our country has already understood its importance, a large number of people in our country are yet to recognize it. A number of schools have been set up by the government to provide adult education. However, the role of the government does not end here. It needs to sensitize the importance of education among the masses. People must recognize the need to get educated in order to feel determined to enroll at adult education schools.

Vocational Education


Vocational education refers to the training that emphasizes on skills and knowledge needed for specific job, trade or craft. Vocational education is provided for wide range of job functions in various sectors like tourism, food and beverage, computer networking, banking and finance, fashion designing, property management and many more. Students can choose from diverse courses available as per their skills and interest.

Importance of Vocational Education

In today’s fast paced life and competitive world it is really hard to find a good Job. Vocational education is an advantage as VET programs offer practical skills and hands on training that trains students for specific jobs. The students who develop practical skills for particular field are more confident and perform better in interviews as well as jobs than the students with general academic background.

Vocational education also popular as technical or career education provides clear edge in career goals as it provides expertise and knowledge in specific discipline. The courses prepare them for specific job. Vocational education programs are of short duration and are less expensive than the conventional academic educational programs. They eliminate the disadvantages of rote-learning and give practical learning experience that makes the students job ready.

Not only are the students at advantage but there is also the growing need of skilled labor. High quality vocational education and skilled manpower is prerequisite for economic development. The graduates with conventional academic learning and degrees are not job ready and mostly lack the skills to meet the job expectations. There is high demand of skilled man power in various industries across the world. High priority is given to skilled manpower globally. Some of the profiles for which skilled manpower is high in demand across the world include computer specialist, nuclear technician, fashion designers, electricians, cardiovascular technologist and web-developer.

Vocational education helps youth to acquire practical experience and learn modern methods of diverse vocations. Students are now aware of their skills and choose their careers wisely. Vocational education prepares students to take up highly rewarding jobs and help them become independent at young age.


With changing times people have started understanding the importance of vocational education. More skill and knowledge based jobs will be generated in future. Close cooperation between industries and educational organizations with regard to vocational training is essential to ensure that the education offered is relevant to the market demand and job expectations.

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