Maharashtra Sant

Maharashtra is an ancient tradition of saints. These saints have given a great legacy of literature to Maharashtra and Marathi. The common man has asked the devotees to pray temporarily in the temple without silent peace. During the time of the Mughal rule in Maharashtra, the common man kept his work and chanting the name of God.

Marathi Saints convinced him the importance of the Warkari sect and spread the seam all over the world. On Yamaha Tukai lake at Pandharpur, a painting is done on the wall of Tulsi garden coming under the Namami Chandrabhaga Yojna. The park is situated on some parts of the 2.5 acre area, with a picture of 21 saints on Mumbai’s ‘Jai’. J. School of Art students have painted these pictures


sant eknath

Sant Eknath

संत एकनाथ

Sant Dnyaneshwar

संत ज्ञानेश्वर

sant chokhamela

Sant Chokhamela

संत चोखामेळा

sant tukaram

Sant Tukaram

संत तुकाराम

Sant Namdev

संत नामदेव

sant nivruttinath

Sant Nivruttinath

संत निवृतीनाथ

sant goroba

Sant Goroba

संत गोरोबाकाका कुंभार

sant muktabai

Sant Muktabai

संत मुक्ताबाई

Sant Janabai

संत जनाबाई

sant savta mali

Sant Savta Mali

संत सावता माळी

sant sopandev

Sant Sopandev

संत सोपानदेव

sant narhari

Sant Narhari Sonar

संत नरहरी सोनार

samarth ramdas

Samarth Ramdas

समर्थ रामदास

sant kabir

Sant Kabir

संत कबीर


Sant Sena Maharaj

संत सेना

sant gadgebaba

Sant Gadgebaba

संत गाडगे बाबा

sant basveshwar

Sant Basveshwar

संत बसवेश्वर

gajanan maharaj

Gajanan Maharaj

गजानन महाराज


Sai Baba


sant tukdoji maharaj

Sant Tukadoji Maharaj

तुकडोजी महाराज