My School Picnic English Essay

My School Picnic English Essay

I was in standard 3rd when my school had arranged a picnic to Kamla Nehru zoo situated besides Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad. Being a kid, I was extremely excited for the picnic. A day before picnic I went to the nearby shop with my father to buy some snacks for the picnic. I bought a packet of chips, cookies, soya sticks and few packets of chewing gum.

My School Picnic to Zoo

This was probably the only day in the whole year when I would pack my things up the previous night, obviously because I didn’t want to get late on the picnic day. After making my things ready I made a conference call with my friends. We discussed about how excited we all were for our picnic. We fixed the time we were going to catch up the next day.

I was up before the alarm despite not being able to sleep until late at night. I got to school at around 7am in the morning, half an hour prior to the reporting time. We had to be in pair on this day, which was decided on the basis of roll numbers, luckily for me I partnered up with Manan whose number was right next to me. Singing, dancing, playing we travelled the road till the destination. We were served ice-cream as soon as we got there. We were all excited to step in the zoo.

First of all we had to enter the bird section where we saw a number of varied and beautiful birds. Toucan, a black and yellow coloured bird with a large beak, kingfisher a little bird with most vivid colours, Hornbill a beautiful bird with a horn like thing on its head and albatross a fine white and black coloured with aquatic habitat were some of the birds we saw. We also saw deer, hippopotamus, fox, wolf, alligator, crocodile, wild ass, yellow python snake, bear and many more. But our favourite ones were still left, where we had to visit after the lunch.

Finally, after the lunch it was the time for which we were all so excited about – to see the fastest animal cheetah, the national animal tiger and of course the king of the jungle, lion. We also saw jaguar and leopard. We were done with the zoo at around 3 in the afternoon, and we had time until 5 pm so the teachers decided to take us all to have a look around at Kankaria Lake. It was a beautiful place.

We sat on a mini toy train there which took us on a ride around the lake. After everyone completed the ride, it was almost 5 which was the time to leave for home. Teachers started counting the number of students, which brought them to the conclusion that one kid from our class has been missing. The teachers panicked however they were finally able to find Hussain, the lost one after 10 minutes of search operation.


Today, it might be a mere picnic to a zoo, but when I remember back I realized how these little things used to make me happy.

Adult Education

One of the biggest problems in our country is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The main reason behind this is that those belonging to the poor classes are so engrossed in earning their livelihood to make their ends meet that they overlook the importance of seeking education. Instead of sending their kids to school, people from the poor classes send them to work as for them more working hands in the family means more income. As these kids grow they have no other choice but to indulge in menial tasks such as cleaning and sweeping due to lack of education and the trend continues.

In order to break this vicious circle, the government of India has come up with the concept of adult education. All those adults who could not seek education during their childhood and want to get educated later in life can enrol for the adult education program. As part of this program, both basic education as well as vocational training is imparted to empower the individuals to shape a better future. It is the sole choice of an individual as to what he wants to opt for.

Directorate of Adult Education initiated in India from the National Fundamental Education Centre (NFEC) established in the year 1956. Since then the government has continually been making efforts to promote adult education in the country. A number of schools including ones that offer night classes have been opened to provide adult education. Also various means and modes are being used by the government to emphasize the importance of seeking education and the efforts have not been futile. Several individuals have come forward to make the most of this opportunity and the number is on the rise. With this, the number of educational activities being offered has also seen a significant increase.

While many seek education to get good employment opportunities and earn their livelihood, a number of people especially women have come forward to seek adult education just to become more aware and help raise their children more efficiently. Apart from this, adult education also helps in the following way:

Better job means increased income which means you can take better care of your family.

Education makes a person more aware about what is happening around and empowers him to bring about change in the society.

Uneducated and unemployed individuals are more drawn towards criminal activities. Education can help curb these problems to some extent.

Education is also one of the first steps towards building a strong and progressive nation.

My School Library


School library is the place where wide range of academic books and resources are available. The books are made available to all the students throughout the year to increase knowledge, understanding and performance on various subjects. School library is essential for learning and teaching process. Library facilitates each student with access to essential resources and learning material for a smooth learning process. It plays a vital role in student’s life. The design, modern tools and strategies of the school libraries change with the changing times.

The types of books we can have access to in school libraries are, fiction books, non-fiction books, reference books, literature books, biographies, General Knowledge books, Fables and folktales, cookbooks and craft books, poetry books, books in a series, wordless books and so on.

Importance of School Library

Facilitates and provides suitable and flexible learning space for students. These days libraries are equipped with digital tools and technologies which make it easy and fast to research on the subjects.

It provides us with quality fiction and nonfiction books that encourage us to read more for pleasure and enrich our intellectual, artistic, cultural, social and emotional growth.

The ambiance of the school library is perfect for learning without getting disturbed. This makes it easy for us to learn and grasp faster.

We can borrow the books as per our requirement for further learning at home. Apart from the books on various subjects we can also borrow books of our interest such as story books, biographies, comic books and novels.

We can improve our general knowledge by reading GK books. It helps in the development of mind and boosts our confidence.

With in-depth knowledge on the subjects of interest we get insight of new and more interesting dimensions.

We can take reference from a wide range of books to complete our school assignments. We can also refer books for making notes and preparing for exams. It also helps in developing vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

Provides teachers the access to professional development, relevant information and reference material to plan and implement effective learning programs.

Collaborates with the teachers for effective learning plan and implementation of the programs that help us acquire skills, collect and evaluate information and solve problems.

School library is helpful to every member of school community whether its students, teachers or any other staff member. It helps gain skills and knowledge for personal development.

School library has a positive impact on the academic performance of the students. It helps us develop the overall skills necessary to succeed in modern day digital and social environment. It is important to develop the habit of visiting library regularly.


Whatever we learn in classrooms should be supplemented with reading and research done in library. This will make studies more interesting and profound. The range and quality of books available in libraries is the best. As a student we can’t buy or have access to such wide range of books elsewhere. Thus, libraries play a vital role in our studies. The knowledge that we gain remains with us for life time.

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