Essay on Women Education in India

Essay on Women Education in India

Women education is very important for the proper social and economic growth of the country. Both men and women are like two sides of the coin and run equally like two wheels of the society. So both are are important element of the growth and development in the country thus require equal opportunity in the education. If anyone of both goes downside, social progress is not possible.

Advantages of Women Education in India:
The female education in India is highly necessary for the future of the country as women are the first teachers of their children means future of the nation. If education of the women is getting ignored, it would be the ignorant of bright future of the nation. An uneducated women cannot actively participate in handling the family, proper care of the children and thus weak future generation. We cannot count all the advantages of the women education. An educated women may easily handle her family, make each family member responsible, infuse good qualities in children, participate in the social works and all would lead her towards the socially and economically healthy nation.
By educating a man, only a man can be educated however educating a woman, whole country can be educated. Lack of women education weakens the powerful part of the society. So, women should have full rights for the education and should not be treated as inferior to men.

India is now a leading country in the field of women education. History of India is never blank of brave women however it is full of women philosophers like Gargi, Viswabara, Maritreyi (of Vedic age) and other famous women are like Mirabai, Durgabati, Ahalyabi, Laxmibai, etc. All the famous historical women in India are inspiration for the women of this age. We never forget their contributions to the society and country.

Picnic with Family


The series of examinations made my brain tired of long hours of study and I badly needed a time out with my family. As for my family, they too had not been gone for any outing for the past few years and hence, after the last exam, I decided to call up my aged uncle who lives in another city and ask him to come over with his family. It was time for a family picnic where parents and kids could meet for a reunion and spend a day happily.

Deciding the Place

While my little nephew and niece jumped for the waterpark, my cousin called for the city memorial park and the elders wanted to go to the riverside picnic spot. Finally I and my sister-in-law suggested the countryside farm where my cousin could enjoy photography, kids could interact with farm animals and parents could explore the farm. Everyone jumped in unison and I called the farm owner to confirm our picnic visit the day after.

The Journey

Waking up early and getting ready for the picnic outing, we finally set out in our car. The owner had verified our visit that day and also prescribed the route to be taken to reach his farm. My Mother and aunt had packed breakfast for us which were finished in no time. From the well paved city highway, we took the sideway path that led us to the outskirts where the farm is situated. The pasture fields on both sides of the road and the country cottages kept us charmed till we reached the farm.

The Farm and the Picnic

The cheerful old owner was standing in front of the gate to greet us and his friendliness immediately made all of us comfortable. He escorted us to the rustic cottage where the brick fireplace made us feel cozy. We were served homemade cakes and breads before he took us to the petting farm.

My nephew and niece were screaming in joy seeing the large cocks and hens, rabbits, cows, buffalos, ponies and horses roaming about freely. The owner also gave us grains to feed the birds and grass to feed the animals. The best part however was the pony rides, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

My uncle and father remained with the kids and animals while my mother and aunt were busy in the barn kitchen preparing the lunch. Meanwhile I, my cousin and sister-in-law accompanied the owner, had a look at his vast farm where he grew sunflowers, grapes, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes and radishes.

As it was the harvest time, he let us pick the vegetables and grapes to bring back home as well as use for lunch specials with eggs and meat dishes obtained from the farm only. After having a scrumptious lunch together on the large table, all of us decided to interact with the owner, take a walk around the farm and fondle the animals, before setting out for home with a relaxed and stress free mind.


Although meeting the relatives regularly is not possible, thanks to our tight schedules but a quick plan for picnic brought all of us together to have endless chitchats, have food together and visit a new place together. The day ended with a heavy heart but the memory will remain forever.



The career path you choose has a major impact on various other aspects of your life. It determines your status in the society, your lifestyle, your social circle and even your relations with your relatives. It is thus important to choose your career wisely.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Career

There are many factors that you must take into consideration while choosing a career. Here is a brief look at these:

Your Interest and Calibre

The first thing you must do while choosing a career is to assess yourself. Understand where your interest lies. However, merely having interest in a particular field does not help. In addition to it you must also see if you are well suited for that particular profession. This is to say that whether you have the required skills and calibre to perform well in the field of your interest. If yes, then you can look forward to it.

Look for the Available Opportunities

There may be many different kinds of occupations matching your educational qualification and experience. It is a good idea to make a list of all these occupations.

Narrow Down Your List

Explore your list to understand all the available opportunities better. Narrow down the list and settle for the one that suits you best. While doing so you must seek advice from your seniors as well as those who are already in the profession you are planning to get into. Internet is a boon when it comes to such tasks. Gather information about the same from the internet before you make the final decision.

Write a Good Resume

Once you are clear on which career path you want to tread on it is essential to write a good resume to back your plan. Your resume plays an important role in fetching a job of your choice. Thus, you must prepare a good one.

Acquire the Skills

Many a times, your educational qualification may not be enough to seek the occupation of your choice. You may require some additional skills that may be acquired by undergoing vocational training. Don’t hesitate to go for such short-term trainings and workshops.


You must choose your career cautiously as various aspects of your life are attached to it. Take your time, explore all the options, seek advice from those you are experienced and then take a decision. Once you choose a career, work hard so that you are able to get into the field of your choice.

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